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The International Office – For a global partner network

The International Office is the first point of contact, both inbound and outbound, for all matters related to our international partner university network.

We seek to assist outbound IUBH students by informing about options and requirements for studies abroad and are also closely involved in guiding and welcoming inbound international and exchange students.


IUBH Partner Universities worldwide

IUBH Partner Universities worldwide

Incoming International Students

Every semester the IUBH is fortunate to welcome international students from our partner universities around the world for  full study programmes and for exchanges of one or two semesters. The International Office is the first point of contact for all international students.

International students benefit from:

  • the unique opportunity of being able to fully study in English in Germany.
  • At the same time they’re able to learn or improve their German language skills and their understanding of German life and culture.
  • Their presence on campus and their contribution to the academic and social life here are an invaluable part of the international atmosphere and learning environment the IUBH prides itself on.

With the assistance of a team of student volunteers, the International Office strives to make arriving and living in Germany easy and comfortable for international students. Welcome and information sessions make the transition to another culture and system of studying as smooth as possible.

Exchange students must be nominated by their home institutions for studies at the IUBH. Pre-nomination information about the IUBH is available at the international offices of our partner universities to help students in their study abroad applications. Once our partner universities confirm which students have been nominated for studies at the IUBH, we receive the student applications and are in direct contact with exchange students to assist in pre-arrival and other matters.

International students who have met IUBH admission requirements and who have signed a contract to study at the IUBH may contact the International Office. We help with academic, pre-arrival and arrival matters. We also provide assistance for students who want to spend a semester at one of our partner universities. Our door is always open for all international students at the IUBH, and we are happy to help where needed.

Our doors remain open for all international students throughout their studies at the IUBH if further assistance is needed.

Study Abroad within the IUBH Study Programmes

We have long-standing cooperations and partnerships with universities in North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe. The choice of partner universities open to students depends on which study programme students are enroled in at the IUBH. Depending on which study programme students are studying at the IUBH, periods of study abroad are either optional or mandatory components of their studies.

Students of all study programmes have to meet the academic requirements of both the IUBH and the partner university they are applying to before taking up their studies abroad. All applications are done through the IUBH International Office to partner universities with whom we have a partnership agreement only. Students can access information on procedure and deadlines through the university intranet (CARE), by personal appointment or through various information sessions offered by the International Office. Should students encounter difficulties during their application process, then the International Office can act as mediator to help clarify issues.

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