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Life in Germany

Life in Germany

Welcome to Germany

Welcome to Germany

Living in Germany

By global standards, Germany is a prosperous, stable and open society renowned for the reliability and quality of its services and products, its progressive energy policy, and its leading political and economic role in Europe. Its geographic location and excellent infrastructure make Germany a traveller's dream, and its rich cultural heritage ensures a huge diversity of recreational activities. It's a very safe and comfortable place to live where people are friendly, helpful and generally willing and able to speak English.
Some facts about the German economy:

  • No. 4 in the world, the world’s strongest export nation per capita
  • Unemployment figure for university graduates < 2.5%
  • Experts agree that demographic change will continue to impact the labour market, causing a major shortfall in qualified labour and creating good opportunities for skilled workers from abroad
  • Open community, 10 million inhabitants are from a migrant background

Immigration regulations

Requirements to enter Germany can vary depending on your home country. Generally, non-EU students need to apply for a visa.

Safe, diverse, supportive: 3 top reasons for studying in Germany

Germany is one of the top 3 most popular destination countries for international students. There’s also good reason for that! Find out more about why it’s worthwhile to study in Germany.

  • Safe
    Germany is a safe country even when compared with other countries internationally. You can feel safe here – whether it’s in the city, in the countryside, at day or night. Germany is also the ideal place for your studies because of its economic and political stability.
  • Diverse
    Discover the beauty and diversity of Germany! You have a lot of opportunities to discover the country during your free time while studying here: Coasts, mountains, lakes, culture, shopping or sports – Germany offers a lot of variety.
  • Support for your career
    Germany encourages and supports your potential. You can exercise your intellectual abilities and personal talents freely and reach your potential. Determination, motivation and commitment open a lot of doors for you – during your studies and afterwards.
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