Virtual Classroom – this is how it works

The Virtual Classroom offers a bridge between in-person learning and online studies by enabling students to effectively manage their study time, learn course material, and complete assignments on their own schedule.

Campus Studies and virtual classroom students will interact and network constantly and extensively with faculty and classmates to ensure that they’re able to get the experience of studying with peers from anywhere.

Start your virtual semester now!

Online study is known as the wave of the future. It removes barriers of distance to make high quality education available to all in a more flexible manner, especially in these uncertain times – and as the largest private distance learning university in Germany, we have years of experience in online teaching.

Virtual Classrooms are the online version of Campus Studies made necessary by the Covid-19 restrictions. It is a flexible workaround, that will allow students to return to in-person lectures on campus once it is deemed safe, without wasting valuable time waiting.

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