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Supply chain management in the pharmaceutical sector – in practice!

In the Health Care Management degree programme at IUBH University of Applied Sciences in Bad Honnef-Bonn, one of the specialisations offered is Health Care Supply Chain Management.

In addition to conveying theoretical knowledge, the emphasis is on an application-oriented university education. For this semester, the focus was on the value creation chain in the area of supplying pharmaceutical products. The IUBH students gained detailed insights about three different service providers in the pharmaceutical sector.

The first destination for the students was the hospital pharmacy at the academic teaching hospital of the Sana Clinic in Offenbach. This maximum care hospital also supplies other institutions. The master students were particularly impressed by the first-hand reports on the organisational structures and procedures as well as the coordination of interfaces and the daily logistical challenge of providing prompt and comprehensive patient care.

The next destination to learn more about the supply chain of pharmaceuticals was the Merlin pharmaceutical logistics centre in the Greater Frankfurt area. It supplies public pharmacies and larger hospital pharmacies throughout Germany. Here, the IUBH students further substantiated their knowledge of supply chains with practical examples. During the tour, the managing director, Dr Ulrich, gave helpful tips and recommendations and was available for informative discussions about internships, final theses and various career entry programmes.

Prof Dr Mümtaz Köksal, head of the Health Care Management department at the Bad Honnef-Bonn location, organized this series of hands-on excursions with a focus on the pharmaceutical supply chain. The last destination was a tour of the Leverkusen plant of the pharmaceutical company Bayer AG. The master degree students were able to experience how the value creation chain works in practice, from pharmaceutical production and warehousing to waste disposal management.


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