24. June 2019, 09:51 |
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Perspectives and Problems: European Union Today and Tomorrow

On June 5, KSI of Siegburg welcomed more than 80 guests of different age groups and occupations for the second “Business +/- Ethics Unconference (Denkwerkstatt)”.

The event focused on the topic - “Europe – Interest group, community of interests… community?” and was hosted by renowned speakers.

Considering the current situation and possible changes in European Union, the event focused on the community and its relations in the Europe. In interactive workshop sessions, conducted in both German and English, the participants considered various topics relating to the overlying question of the European identity and values. They commented and discussed different views on subjects like people, nations, banks and money, migration policies and cooperation. The addition of English workshop allowed participation and contribution of international perspective in the discussions.

The event was hosted by Katholisch- Soziales Institut Siebgurg and IUBH International University Bad Honnef, with support of University Bonn, Konrad- Adenauer Stiftung and Hochschule Bonn-Rhein Sieg. The Conference set the preliminary ground for the next “Business +/- Ethics Dialogue” event, which will be held on November 19, 2019 at the IUBH International University on Campus Bad Honnef.

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