15. November 2018, 10:30 |
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IUBH prepares for EMCup 2019, The A+Team will represent IUBH in Maastricht

Every year in February around 35 hotelschools meet in Maastricht for the Hospitality European Championships, the EMCup. Here, every team needs to work on a topic and defeat their ideas in pitches, debates with the other teams and with experts from the industry. This year everything is about “Get Real… Education. – Old School Vs. New School”: the teams have to develop concepts for the hospitality classes of tomorrow.

A+Team for the EMCup

For this task, the Hospitality Department at IUBH Campus Bad Honnef chose Janina Duch, Heinrich von Dewitz, Jose Tena and Hubertus Kempen to represent IUBH in Maastricht next year. In line with this topic, they call themselves The A+Team.

 Already now, they need to challenge the pre-competition, collecting as many likes, followers etc. on social media.

On Facebook and Instagram, the team is excited to introduce itself, giving an insight into the life at IUBH and presenting the competition preparations. The A+Team is very excited!

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Svg Vector Icons : http://www.onlinewebfonts.com/icon