30. May 2018, 15:23 |

IUBH 3 Minute Research Competition

The “IUBH 3 Minute Research Competition” has become a regular feature in the university calendar and this semester took place for the 4th time on May 24th.

IUBH students from all programs were invited by Profs Clare Hindley & Francisco Tigre Moura to participate by submitting an abstract and one slide describing a research project they had been or were working on.  Finally a group of high-performing students were selected to present their research in just 3 minutes to an audience of fellow students, lecturers and a jury of 3 professors.

The students selected represented a range of disciplines including Hospitality Management, Health Care Management, Marketing Management, Transport and Logistics and International Management. The range of topics and areas of interest students chose provided a broad and fascinating insight into their work. The topics ranged considerably including the blockchain, transport platforms, influencer events in the movie industry, stem cell research, happiness redefined and more.

The professor jury awarded first prize to Sharun Thomas for his work on “Real time location systems and asset tracking: New horizons for German

hospitals, based on real case study analysis”. The audience vote was won by Dharma C. Kore for her presentation on the “The fate of human civilization: Stem Cell in Practise”.
The students successfully presented their ideas and answered questions from the jury making the relevance and interest of their work clear in a precise and dynamic way.


The 3 Minute Research competition is a regular event at many universities internationally and both participants and winners benefit from the high status of the awards. The IUBH competition provides an opportunity for students to show their interests and abilities outside the lecture room format and to benefit in presenting their work to a larger audience and to defending their decisions to the jury. Despite the nerves before the event, all participants enjoyed themselves and expressed enthusiasm in recommending it to fellow students in future semesters.

Congratulations to the winners and we look forward to next semester’s competition!

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