07. June 2018, 15:15 |

Bad Honnef is buzzing!

In the past weeks members of the local network “Bad Honnef Learns Sustainability” have been busy working on projects to protect bees under the motto Bad Honnef is buzzing. On the grounds of the IUBH University of Applied Sciences campus, about 50 elementary school children from KGS Sankt Martinus installed their hand-made bee and earworm hotels in trees and the IUBH vineyard.

Campus Director Margit Rüfner-Bahne welcomed the children and then the work began: the children mounted their insect hotels in various parts of the park. They also hung up laminated signs with explanations in English and German for the information (and imitation) of students and pedestrians. When the work was finished, light refreshments were served and the children received informational materials about bees from NAJU, a nature conservation organisation for youth.

Wild bees are important pollinators of fruit trees and plants: 80% of our flowering plants are dependent on insects for pollination. Wild bees in Europe are highly endangered due to the use of pesticides, a shortage of wildflowers as a source of food, and lack of nesting places. The wild bee population can recover with the help of nesting boxes like the ones the children built. The spread of flowers and grasses in the organic on-campus vineyard, which is certified annually by the “Society for the Protection of Resources”, also contributes to species protection.

The project was part of the UNESCO World Action Programme “Education for Sustainable Development".

Svg Vector Icons : http://www.onlinewebfonts.com/icon
Svg Vector Icons : http://www.onlinewebfonts.com/icon