Your career in Germany

Germany is the perfect starting point - for your degree and for what comes after.

Germany is the perfect starting point - for your degree and for what comes after.

Work and live in Europe

In Germany, skilled professionals are in very high demand, which creates enormous career opportunities for you: Eager to attract immigrants to the country to offset a shortage of skilled labour due to demographic changes, the German government made the permanent immigration of highly educated skilled employees very easy.

I want to work in Germany after graduating, what do I need to know?

Graduates of German universities are allowed to stay in the country for 1.5 years to search for a job*. Afterwards students are allowed to stay and work in Germany on the precondition that their job has adequate compensation and is in the broad professional area of the study programme they completed.

*For more information:

Students can obtain a permanent work and residency permit after graduation. The preconditions include an adequately compensated occupation and the consent from the federal employment agency.

Around 20% of the German population has a migration background. This illustrates the international character of Germany and is an important pillar for the most export-oriented economy of the world. The German economy is the strongest in Europe. Due to the demographic developments Germany is facing a severe shortage of qualified professionals. Research institutes forecast a shortfall of 3 million skilled workers by 2025.

The German economy is highly linked to international markets, 45% of its GDP comes from exports. Therefore, some jobs or companies in Germany might not require German language skills. However, if you really want to take full advantage of the dynamic job market and have more career opportunities we strongly recommend that you improve your German language skills. You can take part of IUBH´s free German lessons or do an intensive language course while you study or during the semester breaks.

Yes, our Career Office supports you with your search for internships, and job placement issues. They also organize informational events, company presentations on campus, carry out applicant training and interview coaching, coordinate internships and job offers, and offer you personal advice. And all of our students are invited to take part of our unique Career Preparation Programme which prepares you for your entry into the German job market.

What our students say about Germany

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