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Our students and alumni

Our students and alumni

An IUBH alumnus reports

My first professional job resulted directly from contacts at IUBH: My professor at the time and supervisor of my thesis, Prof Dr Wünsch, drew my attention to the fact that the Internet Travel Marketing Association (VIR) was looking for a freelancer to support a new, larger event format and gave me the name of the relevant contact person. After an initial telephone call and meeting each other personally, I worked as a freelancer for five months and then for seven great years in various positions, including as Project Manager for Corporate & Public Affairs in a permanent position at VIR. I owe many thanks to IUBH and its network for my first job and my professional career. This also resulted in a close partnership between VIR and IUBH, a partnership that continues to grow.

Martin Meux

Use the available networks to their fullest - that paid off for IUBH alumnus Martin Meux: Today, he works as Director of Sales at AG in Basel, his location of choice.

"I owe many thanks to IUBH and its network for my first job and my professional career"

Bachelor Eventmanagement, Director of Sales, AG (Lufthansa Holidays, SWISS Holidays & HLX)
last updated July 2019

Use the network: from project management to manager

My next job was also the result of good contacts: when, a member of VIR, was looking for a candidate with my qualifications, I was advised to send in my resume. That’s how I ended up starting as Head of Product Management - Tour Operator Packages Germany. It was not easy for me to leave VIR and today I am still very grateful for everything I learned at VIR. After initial responsibilities for leading project teams, however, I wanted to move in the direction of management and leadership and take the next step forward in my career. To this end, I concurrently started the Executive MBA at the TUM School of Management. I learned a lot from my time working at On the one hand, it became clear to me how important and motivating the values of an organization are when they fit one’s own personality. On the other hand, I experienced the great potential of what can be achieved when a team works well together.

Contacts from Munich to Basel

Later, when I wanted to move to Basel for private reasons, my personal network also helped me. During a company event, a colleague put me in touch with the management of AG, who was currently looking for an employee with my credentials. Personal interviews and meetings led to a position as Director of Sales in Basel. It was not only the location that persuaded me, but above all the responsibility and challenge of working for a tour operator and gaining further insights into the tourism sector. As Director of Sales, I am now responsible for selling our tours via two distribution channels: online travel portals and travel agencies. Together we try to expand our tour operators and establish them on the market. The focus is always on people - be it the customer or a colleague, they are the ones who make the difference.

I owe many thanks to IUBH

Both the chance to practice presentations and the practice-oriented approach of courses, including opportunities to work together with external partners during our studies, prepared me well for my professional life. The direct and face-to-face interactions with lecturers also helped me a great deal - the personal and individualised atmosphere is definitely one of IUBH's major strengths. Today I still enjoy meeting my former lecturers on the campus in Bad Honnef. I also still benefit from IUBH's good network with the tourism industry. This has not only helped me find my way into professional life. Up to this day, networking remains very valuable, and from my point of view, valuable for both sides of the exchange.

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