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Our students and alumni

Our students and alumni

An IUBH alumna reports

How would I describe my personality? I get excited about the new, quick decisions and changes. It's something that is also reflected in my professional development: After graduation I started my career at GO! Express & Logistics and gained initial experience in marketing there. The next stage of my professional life took me to where I slid into the content team with a focus on tourism. I quickly realised that I would like to do more in product management. Management gave me the opportunity to switch to the product management portal, where I managed larger projects. I was commissioned with my first major project, which I carried out in direct consultation with management, and realised quickly that the short decision-making processes were just the thing for me. After managing the first successful project, I got the task to expand the project TalentHero as a project leader. In the meantime, I am acting as head of the entire project team.

Katja Haack

IUBH alumna Katja Haack loves challenges and changes. She has found her dream job as Head of TalentHero, a job app for teenagers.

"I've always been someone who has learned better through practice than through pure theory. I was able to combine both at the IUBH."

B.A. Tourism Management
last updated March 2019

No day is like the other: From travelling, to team coordination, to lectures
No day is like the other with this project. I travel a lot – mainly between Cologne, the headquarters of, and Munich, where the six-person TalentHero team that supports me operationally is located. In addition, I regularly visit our sales units in Berlin and Hamburg with more than 40 sales employees and accompany the sales department to major customer meetings. There are also presentations at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, schools and trade fairs. Sales teams with more than 40 employees are located at three other locations. Another big area of responsibility is coordination with the management.

An affair of the heart: Putting young people on the right track
The special thing about my job for me is the product – I’m 100% behind the idea of TalentHero: I want to help put young people on the right track. It seems like we’re really reaching young people because they are very enthusiastic about the app. I’ve really found my dream job: My job challenges me every day, and I don't know what tomorrow will bring. That’s what I’ve always wanted. I meet many different people and lead a team that I was able to build. And I learn something every day.

Using experience from your studies in your professional life
In my daily work, I profit in all kinds of situations from my tourism management studies at the IUBH – especially the presentation training, which helps me with team meetings, meetings with the management or the steering committee, and presentations for up to 200 people that I do at trade fairs and events as part of my work at TalentHero. Both the theoretical and the practical parts of my studies are helpful. And the stays abroad also expanded my horizons in important ways.
A range of things attracted me to study at the IUBH: Personally, I find smaller learning groups much more effective and motivating than big ones. As for the tourism programme, I was interested in the subject but also in the programme’s design. I’ve always been a person who has learned better through practice than through pure theory. At the IUBH, the practical applicability of knowledge, e.g. in the context of case studies, excursions and practical semesters, plays a major role. I always enjoyed the exchanges with my fellow students and also with the professors. And of course the stays abroad were important. That option is what really motivated me to start my studies immediately after graduation instead of going abroad first.

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