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Our students and alumni

Our students and alumni

An IUBH aluma reports

I already worked for Lufthansa Cargo during my internship semester and after my bachelor’s degree programme in aviation management I was initially able to take on a temporary substitute job there. I then had various jobs at different companies – from product management and management consulting in the aviation industry to revenue management at Germanwings. Then a former colleague from Lufthansa Cargo alerted me about a job vacancy in the company, to which I applied – with success: since then I am back at Lufthansa and currently working in the area of handling for the Terminal Development Department in Frankfurt.

Julia Fuchs

After completing her bachelor’s degree in aviation management, IUBH alumna Julia Fuchs worked in various positions in the aviation industry. She has now returned to Lufthansa Cargo, her former employer from her internship semester.

"The practical relevance of the degree programme was impressive. The lecturers clearly explained which knowledge is relevant for which tasks or situations."

B.A. Aviation Management
last updated March 2019

Variety in the workday: between process optimisation, moderation and IT training
In my area of work, I am responsible for subprojects of larger projects. This includes a diversity of tasks such as classic process analysis and it corresponding process re-structuring, the testing of IT as well as the introduction of new IT programmes from the technical side. After developing the concept I initiate process adjustments with the department, work out IT adjustments in collaboration with the responsible departments and prepare the tests and training programmes for the users, some of which I teach myself. The exciting part about the job is that finding solutions to complex problems is as much a part of my work as leading theoretical discussions, facilitating meetings and unifying many different parties around one topic. I am practically involved with the entire cycle of my subproject, identify areas for improvement and, in collaboration with all relevant departments, develop a future scenario.

Well prepared by the academic content and training of soft skills at IUBH
I learned many of the skills I need for my job during my studies at IUBH. This includes for example, how to understand new topics quickly, and how to work with different kinds of people yet still reach a well thought out result. Thanks to the degree programme, I also know where to find up-to-date information about the industry, industry standards, industry pioneers and long-term trends. Computer training and the project management courses also prepared me well for my professional work. Overall, I think the practical relevance of the degree programme was impressive. The lecturers clearly explained which knowledge is relevant for which situations or tasks. This enables me to consistently apply what I learned to my professional work.

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