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Our students and alumni

Our students and alumni

An IUBH alumna reports

I decided to look for career opportunities in Germany during my year abroad in Valencia, Spain, for which I was selected as part of the intercontinental Erasmus Mundus-Arbopeue programme. There I met a lot German students who told me many positive things about their country, as my Spanish friends did as well. Originally I had planned to go to the USA after finishing my bachelor studies in Business Administration and Management in Bolivia, but after this experience in Spain I changed my mind: I enrolled for the Master in International Management at the IUBH in Bad Honnef. It was clear to me at that time that Germany would be a challenge, especially because of the language. But I also saw it as a great opportunity to leave my comfort zone and find my way around in a new environment.

Diana Valdez

From Bolivia and Germany to Doha: IUBH alumna Diana Valdez ventured abroad to study and discover a new culture. She now works in Doha as Pricing Analyst at Qatar Airways.

"The university teaching at IUBH is characterised by a high degree of practical relevance."

M. A. International Management, Pricing Analyst, Qatar Airways
last updated September 2019

Three birds with one stone: high-quality academics, internationality and a well-established network

This decision has paid off for me in every respect: not only because of the opportunity to discover a new culture and thus further realise my potentials, but also because of the high-quality academics and internationality at IUBH. The teaching is characterised by a high degree of practical relevance. The main focus is on finding solutions to cases and on critical analysis of the development of new approaches. Students are encouraged to be creative and to directly apply what is taught. Additionally, the students as well as a large proportion of the professors and lecturers come from different parts of the world, which generates an international exchange of different ideas and work methods. At the same time, the IUBH network gave me the opportunity to make contact with students, professors and professionals in the field of aviation. The network I was able to establish there made studying far away from home easier for me: on the one hand, the support of friends from all over the world, whom I met during my studies, and on the other hand, of course, the support of the university staff, who were always very helpful.

International Career: Joining Qatar Airways

To acquire practical experience in aviation, I completed internships at Menzies Aviation in London and at Lufthansa Consulting GmbH in Frankfurt. The selection process for both internships was quite long, but thanks to the high-quality academic background, I did well in the selection process and was accepted. After finishing my degree, I found out that Qatar Airways was recruiting new graduates on the IUBH campus and applied there. Despite the large number of applicants, I prevailed and now work as Pricing Analyst at Qatar Airways in Doha. I am currently responsible for setting QR Cargo pricing guidelines for the regions of origin and managing the sales organisation to maximise network margins.
Looking back, I can only recommend this to students and prospective students: Be curious, think outside the box and be open to other cultures!

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