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Our students and alumni

Our students and alumni

An IUBH-Alumnus reports

After receiving my diploma in business law and doing an internship at PWC in Hamburg and Düsseldorf, I knew that I wanted to start working in investment banking. Since my existing qualification as a commercial lawyer would not have been sufficient to gain a foothold in this industry, I decided to pursue further specialised education. IUBH appealed to me immediately, because it has a very good reputation in the field of hospitality in Europe and at that time had designed a new course of studies that was thematically intriguing to me: a M.A. International Management degree programme with a specialisation in Finance & Accounting. I was also impressed that faculty professors, such as Proof Dr Michel Charifzadeh, bring many years of practical experience.

Benjamin Mehran

As an investment banker, IUBH alumnus Benjamin Mehran was involved in developing the Investment Bank N+1 Deutschland GmbH (now Alantra Deutschland GmbH), which was founded in 2013. After almost 5 years he left Alantra and today works as Investment Manager - Private Equity at the stock exchange listed company Aves One AG.

„The degree programme at IUBH is an excellent preparation for a career as an investment banker.”

M. A. International Management
last updated May 2019

Scored in the job interview with knowledge from university studies
My decision to go to IUBH was worth it: During my job interview at N+1 Deutschland GmbH – (now the Frankfurt based investment bank under the name Alantra Deutschland GmbH and leading provider of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) services in the global mid-market) - I was able to discuss many of the topics raised because they were covered during my studies. The selection process was very exhausting and included a large number of tests. On the first day of the selection process, I spent almost eleven hours on site. Today, I myself am interviewing many applicants from different universities and private business universities and have to say, the degree programme at IUBH is an excellent preparation for students seeking a career as an investment banker.

From start-up to established market player
My professional career in investment banking originally started with an internship with Uwe Danzinger, formerly Head of Infrastructure at various investment banks and securities trading companies, who had started a business with his own portfolio of investment funds. I sold three assets with him, i.e. capital investments. I then went to the US investment bank C.W. Downer, where I received my first real M&A training. A colleague then drew my attention to N+1: N+1 was looking for analysts in Germany for a spin-off of the M&A team of the private bank Sal. Oppenheim and Hauck & Auffhäuser. One of Germany's leading M&A specialists, Wolfram Schmerl, led the team there. The opportunity to help build and shape a new company with such an experienced and successful person appealed to me. Within five years, N+1 (now Alantra) has developed from a start-up into an established market player

From investment banking to investment management
Fortunately, in the business world one enjoys an excellent reputation as a former investment banker. A solid education, expertise in many business areas, a confident manner - acquired through numerous client meetings - and a work mentality that meets the special demands of investment banking are a good door opener for switching to the "other side", i.e. to investment management. So, it was easy for me to join Aves One AG as an investment manager and get to know more about new areas of responsibility. My current responsibilities range from buying and selling assets and companies to integrating these assets, developing tax and corporate governance structures as well as operational issues such as reporting, monitoring and portfolio management. However, I spend 80 percent of my time with investments and financing, which allows me to pursue my passion for investment management.

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