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Our students and alumni

Our students and alumni

An IUBH alumnus reports

It was never an option for me to go through a trainee programme or something like that after my studies because I wanted to let my creativity run free. The challenge of finding orientation and not simply being handed tasks is extremely satisfying to me.

Bastian Mahmoodi

IUBH alumnus Bastian Mahmoodi went into business right after his studies. He established the company Innozation GmbH, which is devoted to the highly topical issue of the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. As a managing partner he heads the company and creates an alternative to classical personnel placement.

"Especially the fundamentals lectures gave me great tools for daily business."

B.A. International Management
last updated March 2019

We use Big Data and specially developed software to provide IT specialists from the Middle East access to medium-sized companies.
The business idea for the realization of Innozation - enabling mutual access to specialists abroad and middle-class enterprises by means of a platform and purposeful services - developed when I observed the systemic deficits regarding the immigration of specialists from abroad in the example of an own family member. Skilled workers abroad cannot find a central place to turn to, when they start to toy with the idea of emigrating to Germany and authorities often refuse to respond in English. However, Germany is increasingly dependent on skilled workers from abroad, especially small and medium-sized enterprises need them to develop innovations. With our "VisaBee" service, we at Innozation are the interface between all stakeholders involved in immigration. We use intelligent databases and algorithms do to so. We thus enable access for German medium-sized businesses to matching specialists from abroad. What is special about the concept: We link and evaluate all relevant data from the past and present, entirely in the sense of “Big Data”, which in turn means lower-risk immigration for applicants and companies. We are familiar with the risk potential of such immigration and strive to exclude it from the start.

Studies at the IUBH prepares for the processes in globally active companies
What especially helps me in my work from my studies: All study aspects surrounding interculturalism built bridges for me in thinking globally in lots of ways. The pointed preparation at the IUBH for the processes of an internationally operating company conveyed the big picture to me. Especially the fundamentals lectures on the topics of research, science and marketing gave me great tools to be able to assess questions in daily business.

My personal milestone: Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft funds applicant
At the company, we are currently facing the roll-out phase and are completing the final software development. My tasks include keeping within all plans such as the financial framework and reaching the strategic goals, as well as specific scheduling. What I am especially proud of: Since its foundation, we have received state funding from the Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft (BayBG), where only three per cent of founders who apply with their concept receive funding. In addition, we have achieved further critical milestones: Furnished the offices and hired the first colleague.
Now my top priority is developing and evolving the company with the corresponding growth. This includes the increase of customers but also developing new markets through new service and products. Exciting times lie ahead!

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